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Seehotel Boltenhagen : The CHP is a success story !

Seehotel Boltenhagen: The CHP is a success story! Since the end of December 2009, the cogeneration plant at the Seehotel "Grand Duke of Mecklenburg" produces its own electricity. The big advantage: The energy is produced on site. The heat is not wasted as in large, central power plants, but is used by the hotel. Through this principle it is possible that used up to 90% of the total amount of energy and the emission of CO2 is reduced by up to 50%. A modern power plant coal-based as opposed only achieved an efficiency of about 45%. 8500 full hours per year, the CHP into operation, thereby producing up to 50kW power 80kW and usable heat. If not all the heat needed immediately, a storage holds it before. Excess electricity feeds the hotel into the public grid. In 2015, we skipped the border of 2,000,000 KWh self-produced current. A success for the ecology and for the economy, because energy is becoming increasingly expensive. The investment in the cogeneration plant (CHP) exactly matches our corporate philosophy, which feels the sustainability and regionality committed. The consistent use of waste heat we can save energy, reduce emissions of CO2 and thus protect the climate. An employee of the building services in the daily review of the CHPs